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Have you ever had one of those moments when you think, "Whoa now, wait a sec, this is an amazing story!"? Yeah. Me too. In fact, I have them everyday. Always have. And I've always felt the need to share them, which is why I went to journalism school, specialized in magazines and then expanded my career to include digital media, marketing and content creation. For over two decades I’ve worked in every facet of the communications industry and in that time I've come to appreciate there are fascinating tales in everything we do. Although I tend to be drawn to the more adventurous side of life, whether it's rock climbing in Oman or BASE jumping in Idaho, I also realize that good story telling transforms everything from press releases and advertising campaigns to website content and social media posts. There's a reason my company is called Wonow, aka "Whoa now!" So what's your story?

West Kootenay Rock Climbing Guide

As is the case whenever a climbing guidebook is published, the community became invigorated and new routes were developed within weeks of the book's launch party. Since then I've kept a record here of all the new routes in the West Kootenays. If you notice one's missing, please email me.

Latest Blog Posts

Most of the content I produce can be found on other websites and in various publications but I include links in my blog section and occasionally inject thoughts about how it all came together. And when I'm really inspired, I'll just write for myself and throw it here to appease my ego.