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This stop-motion video was taken by Stefan Himmer who stashed a camera in a nearby tree. Thanks Stefan!

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Professional pics by Tessa Marie Photography

Vince’s Vows:


I want to talk a little bit about heroes. Specifically the two types of heros that you’ll find everywhere around us, including here today at this incredible ceremony.

The first kind of hero is the one who proudly crusades for their cause. They are the idolized ones. The ones who become champions of the masses because of their convictions and their courageous personalities. They break down walls, fight the good fight and inspire each of us to be bigger, better and a little bit bolder.

Then there’s the second kind of hero. The kind of hero who quietly reshapes the world around them without the need for fanfare. They’re the ones who are powerful yet humble; persuasive yet modest. And their day-to-day actions influence the way each and every one of us lives our lives.

You, my dearest Marley, are this second kind of hero. And this is why:

  • You are honest. Everything you do and say is based on integrity and authenticity and you encourage me to be exactly the same way every single day of my life.
  • You are brave. (You’d have to be for marrying into this family.) But also you have a courageous joy that inspires me to occasionally step out of my comfort zone and really, truly experience the mystery and beauty of this life.
  • And, you are strong. So so strong. You’re not just a hero in my eyes, Marley, you’re a super-mega-über hero. You’re the person who made me realize that with the smallest of changes, the tiniest of tiny shifts, the word “IMPOSSIBLE” transforms into “I’M POSSIBLE.”

Marley, with you I feel anything is POSSIBLE. You are my confidante, my closest friend, my very-soon-to-be wife, and, above all, you are my hero.

And I vow to celebrate every single moment of your heroic life, from now until forever.


Marley’s Vows:


You have such an appetite for a full life. A life filled with an amazing family, with strong friendships, a life filled with adventure and romance, a life filled with so much richness. When I look at you and what you’ve filled your life with, I feel so blessed that I am part of it. Vince, I love every aspect of our life together. I love that we recreate together, we dance together, we laugh wildly and sing loudly the Gimli and Sully songs. I love the still and quiet moments, drinking coffee in bed or card games over wine.

Vince, I vow to you today that I commit my heart to this union, with our community that we are creating here. I vow to get to know you more and more with every day. Yet I also vow to never know you completely. I vow to always keep some mystery in our marriage, and I promise to try to always appreciate you. I will hold in my heart all the qualities that make you the wonderful man you are.

Vince, I promise to you that this relationship will never be perfect. Navigating through the difficult times have been some of the most powerful and fulfilling experiences in my life. Struggling together has only brought out deep heartfelt learning, of us as individuals and of this relationship.

Thank you for inspiring me every day. You inspire me to grow, to push myself, to ride my bike a little faster. My heart swells with the endless possibilities of this next chapter in our story.

I love you.


This stop-motion video was done by Jenn Sabean who, along with over a dozen other people, under the leadership of Nicole and Samara, helped set up the hall early Saturday morning.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped organize our wedding day and most especially to Tara and Andrew who did an amazing job officiating and Eric the MC. And we also have to thank Keith Manley for crafting all the thank you cards that we sent out.

And to everyone who came to the ceremony, the dinner and/or the reception party, we can’t thank you enough for being such wonderful influences on our lives. We look forward to many more years and celebrations with you. But in the meantime, here are a few pics taken by various people throughout the course of the reception party. There are many more photos than this, but most are inappropriate for family viewing. (heh heh)

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